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Basics for Muslim Travelers in Japan

Basics for Muslim travelers in Japan is needed for those of you who wish to travel to Japan. Despite the fact that Japan has merely a quite small portion of Muslim residents, the quantity of Muslim visitors has been rising yearly. Even so, with the growing number of Muslim tourists, tourist associations as well as businesses need to ramp up hard work to make better the condition to better cater to Muslim visitors. This growth in Muslim-friendly services, like prayer quarters and also halal food choices, is allowing it less difficult for Muslims to take a trip in Japan. Even so, devoid of centralized path, such as a halal guarantee agency, services such as eating places for the most part need to figure things out by themselves. In consequence it’s not easy to keep a dependable standard of permissible produce along with services.


Halal Food

Halal Food


Halal Foods Availability

There are a number of eating places that put a label on themselves as “halal” otherwise “Muslim friendly” and provide a halal menu besides their normal menu; yet, their dishes had been surely arrange from the same kitchen of the non-halal dishes. Muslim friendly or halal restaurants could be found at main airports as well as a few top hotels, however note that a number of of them need preceding reservations of at least several days used for the halal meals preparation. Other option is to go to non-Japanese eateries such as Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Egyptian, Indian, Moroccan, Iranian, Malaysian, Turkish and Pakistani restaurants or go to a number of vegetarian restaurants which usually serve halal food choices.


Halal Dishes


A Selection of Halal Dishes

Japanese dishes, though seems to be halal, might consist of ingredients which probably not consumable under Islamic law. In spite of this, there are a number of probably halal foods that are commonly accessible to Muslim. Away from the major metropolitan areas, Muslim friendly or halal restaurants are not easy or oftentimes not possible to find. For tourists who rather preparing their meals by themselves, there are a number of supermarkets in the vicinity of the major cities which sell halal goods. Carrying your own cutlery is also one of the basics for Muslim travelers in Japan, seeing that most eateries tend not to offer separate cutlery for non-halal meals or vegetarian and even wash all of the dishes together.



Prayer Quarters and Mosques

To be able to serve Muslim residents and tourists in a better way, prayer quarters with arrows directing in the direction of Mecca have been provided at a small number of communal amenities like main airports in addition to a few number of Muslim friendly accommodations. The Quran, timetables and prayer rugs could as well be accessible on request. Mosques can be found in most major cities for those who wish to visit one on their trip.


Amid the current growth in Muslim tourism, there has also been an increasing quantity of travel agencies offering Muslim friendly excursions to customers who find traveling Japan by themselves too intimidating. The excursions that are presented cater specially to Muslims which include all of the basics for Muslim travelers in Japan.

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