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Best Tips Cheap Eating and Restaurant In Kyoto

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Among Japan’s best destination is Kyoto. It is not secret that Kyoto is the best and one of the amazing destination in Japan that offers amazing experience and memorable memories with modern and traditional value of Japan. Even so, how could you explore the beautiful of Kyoto with limited budget? There are many aspects to consider, the transportation, the inn or hotel, and also about food and eating. And the aspects that need more cost are eating mater. You are able to eat properly and save the budget if you find the best restaurant with cheap price.

Tips to save budget and cheap eating

Besides that, some tips about how to save budget and eating cheap in Kyoto will help you to enjoy the food and save the budget of your travel.

·         First, since there are many restaurants in Kyoto, you need to choose restaurant that offers menu with low cost, well this will help you to save the budget and get meal on the lunch.

·         Second, it is almost same in every place there are local and foreign food and the best way to save the budget is choosing local food because the local food especially tend local food in Kyoto is cheaper than the other.

·         The next third tip is you need to understand the term set meal or teishoku in Japanese and special meal or higawari teishoku in Japanese. Usually, there are two options in restaurant the set meal and the special meal and the best choice for saving the budget is choosing the set meal because it is cheaper than the special meal.

·         The next tip is choosing udon, ramen, and soba is the best way because it is simple noodle that need low cost of money.

·         Well, the main issue here is choosing the cheapest food and restaurant is the best way and do not choose it based on the look of the food. But, even the cheap food also has delicious taste moreover the local food to choose that is cheaper than the foreign food.

List of Best cheap restaurant to choose in Kyoto

Here is best cheap restaurant in Kyoto you are able to choose and it is divided into three main areas.

Kyoto station area

Eat Paradise

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Eat Paradise is located on the 11 floor of Isetan in Kyoto Station Building. There are many restaurants to choose, it is food court corridor, some of them are:

·         Aoi Jaya is a restaurant that serves Japan’s traditional dessert, so if you like sweet such as red bean paste, you need to visit this restaurant. Moreover, the standard of the price is inexpensive.

aoi jaya best restaurant kyoto station japan

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·         Kyoto Wakuden serves Kaiseki Ryori a traditional multi course. Here you are able to enjoy the food with the view of the city. The price is average for the food and drinks around 4000 Yen at lunch and 10-12.000 Yen at dinner.

·         Mimiu also serves traditional food from Japan especially from traditional dishes from Osaka with the price around 1800 Yen.

·         Fujino is restaurant that serves tofu with average price at lunch around 2000 Yen and 4500 Yen at dinners.

·         Sushi Sei is a sushi restaurant with many variants of price start from 2100 Yen.

·         Ten-ichi is tempura shop that is famous with the range of dinner price for the menu around 1500-6300 Yen.

Kyoto Ramen Koji

Besides eat paradise with so many kind of restaurant, there is also Kyoto Ramen Koji in Kyoto station area. It is located on the 10 Floor of Isetan in Kyoto station Building. This is not only one ramen restaurant but here are many ramen restaurants that represent the characteristic and variation of ramen from each region in Japan.

·         Sumire is the famous ramen shop from Sapporo, Hokaido and this is the branch of the Sapporo. And this is included into one of the best varieties ramen in Japan.

·         Bannai shokudo is also one of the best varieties ramen in Japan from KitaKata city, Fukushima.

·         Taishoken is from Ikebukuro region in Japan that serves cold noodles.

·         Menya iroha is the branches of ramen from Toyama and famous with Toyama black ramen.

·         Araumado is the branches of ramen shop from Osaka

·         Masutani is a thick ramen from Kyoto and it is the original brand.

·         Ramen todai is from Tokushima, Shikoku Island with the sweet broth characteristic.

·         Ikkousha is ramen from Fukuoka city, Kyushu Island. It serves Hakata ramen that is included into best three varieties ramen in Japan.

Downtown Kyoto

There are some cheap restaurants in Downtown Kyoto as below.

·         Ippudo ramen serves ramen and gyoza with affordable price around 1000 Yen.

·         Ganko is a local sushi restaurant that serves many varieties of sushi. Besides that, Ganko also serves set meal and children’s meal. The price of this restaurant is reasonable enough to afford.

·         Ootoya is a modern restaurant that serves traditional Japan’s food in set meal with the price start from around 820 Yen. Ootoya is located in Sanjo Kamogawa, Kyoto.

·         Warai is the best cheap place to eat. You will get okonomiyaki, a traditional pancake of Japan here. Nishiki Warai is located in Nishiki Market, Kyoto.

·         Kerala is not Japan traditional food and restaurant, it is Indian food that serves dishes includes Kerala style shrimp curry, Kulcha Kerala, and many others with the range of price around 900-1700 Yen for the lunch set and 300-2500 Yen for a la carte. While for the dinner around 2600-6500 yen. The location is around Shijokawaramachi, Kyoto.

Southern Higashiyama

·         Hisago is classic and traditional noodle and rice restaurant with the cheap price of the menu, and located in Higashiyama ward, Kyoto.  

·         Yagura is restaurant that serves traditional food of Japan includes Udon, Soba, and curry rice with range of price around 1000-2000 Yen and located in Nakanocho, Higashiyama Ku, Kyoto.

·         Asuka restaurant serves many kind and varieties of Japan food fare includes Udon, and snack such as tempura. This is a homey Japan restaurant with affordable price. This restaurant is located in Higashiyama ku, Kyoto.

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