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Best Value 10 Hotels in Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Hotel Okura

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When travelling into a place outside our country, somehow money can be our biggest problem. Why? We need money to pay a room in a hotel. We need money in exchange to the food. We need money to buy souvenirs. We need money at least to survive as long as we are staying in another place. The same thing does occur when we decide to travel to Japan. Some have heard information or news said that Japan is the most expensive country in the world. Well, does it mean we no longer can find cheap hotels, cheap restaurants, or visit major attractions? Does it mean we cannot find a city that can serve almost everything in cheap prices anymore?

If you want to sit for a while, look for some information on internet, then you will find Kyoto is the cheaper city you can visit since there are lots of best value hotels in Kyoto, including the cheaper ones that can serve you better. Calculating wisely and carefully along with paying attention to details is suggested. If you are aware of the expense, the money, then you are able to stay in Kyoto for a week cheaply. It relies on two main reasons. First, Kyoto is cheaper than Tokyo. Second, the yen has decreased in 10 years. So do you still need some other reasons why you have to visit Kyoto? Let’s forget them all! It’s time for you to release the stress, enjoy Kyoto and stay in one of the best value hotels in Kyoto.

Luxury Hotels in Kyoto

·                     Kyoto Hotel Okura

This 5 star hotel is located in the heart of the city. It offers elegant rooms where guests can relax and enjoy the view of the Higashiyama Mountains. Guests can also receive its best services, like concierge services and a shopping avenue. If guests get bored or are in a tight deadline to finish project, free Wi-Fi is available to surfing on internet. Meanwhile for women and babies, services such as baby-sitting and beauty treatments are also available. The other amenities guests can get are free parking, indoor swimming pool, a free shuttle, Sky Restaurant Pittoresque (enjoy wines and French cuisine), a variety of restaurants, and a bakery.

From Kyoto Hotel Okura, you only need to walk 5 minutes to reach Honnoji Temple and 10 minutes to arrive at Kyoto International Manga Museum. If you need to buy some things or want to look for some clothes, you only require 12 minutes to get the Takashimaya Department Store. Hotel Okura is also linked to the Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station, meaning guests can have an easy access to go to certain sites and places.

·                     Dormy Inn Premium Kyoto Ekimae

Whenever you come or call to make a reservation at Dormy Inn Premium Kyoto Ekimae, the front desk is always available for 24 hours. Once you successfully book a room, you will receive a room with incredible features like a sauna, hot spring baths which have been created naturally and are larger in size, and massages. Most of rooms are designed in a contemporary décor, which a TV coming with flat screen, a private toilet, and a refrigerator will accompany your days. Other amenities are semi-outdoor hot tubs, the to-floor indoor hot tubs, a convenience store, laundry facilities that guests no need to pay even for single yen, and a computer situated at the corner. The hotel’s restaurant also offers a buffet for breakfastwith Western and Japanese favorites. Places near Dormy Inn Premium Kyoto Ekimae are the Shosei-en Garden and the Higashi Hingan-ji Temple. You only need 5 minutes to reach both places.

Mid Range Hotels in Kyoto

·                     Hotel Unizo

Looking for a business hotel with a reasonably price? Well, Hotel Unizo is the one you probably would like. It is located right in downtown Kyoto—known as a popular place for dining and nightlife options with comfortable spaces for pedestrian. Though this hotel offers small yet clean and neat rooms, it brings you to the busiest shopping and entertainment district in Kyoto. Hotel Unizo can easily be found on Kawaramachi-dori, between Sanjo and Shijo. From this business hotel, you only require 5 minutes to reach Hankyu Line or Sanjo Station, Kawaramachi Station, and Keihan Line.

·                     Hotel Hokke Club Kyoto

This hotel can be reached easily without obstacles from JR Kyoto Train Station. Rooms in this hotel are equipped with air conditioner, a fridge to store foods and drinks, an attached bathtub to relax, a hairdryer, an electric kettle, and a wood desk. Hotel Hokke Kyoto also comes with a café, a Japanese restaurant, massages for guests who want to release tension and free Wi-Fi at the whole property. Forget to bring laptop while you need to finish something? Just rent a laptop from the front desk, which is available for 24 hours. The hotel is near to Higashi Hongan-ji Temple (walk for 10 minutes), Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.

Budget Hotels in Kyoto

·                     Palace Side Hotel

The Palace Side Hotel is a solution for budget travelers who want to save money yet willing to enjoy close beautiful places like the Imperial Place. It is cheap and designed mostly for foreign travelers. All things can be acquired here: free internet terminals, laundry facilities, staffs that are able to speak English, and an onsite restaurant. Palace Side Hotel is the right start to begin your journey since it is addressed near the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park. It is a common knowledge where schools or universities built around hotels; guests are able to find cheap restaurants. This scene does also apply to the Palace Side Hotel which is not far from Doshisha University. Besides, it is only three minutes to reach Marutamachi Station Karasuma subway line from this hotel.

·                     Capsule Ryokan Kyoto

Capsule Ryokan Kyoto is popular among backpackers, especially foreign travelers. It can be reached easily from Kyoto Station. Rooms are designed in a Japanese style and touch where guests can meet reed blinds and tatami-mat floors. Since this hotel is only dedicated for foreign travelers, inebriated salarymen will have no opportunity to stay here. Though the rooms are small, they are very functional and well-maintained. Guests are also given an access to free internet.

·                     Hotel Mystays Kyoto

Located at the central Kyoto, it is easy for travelers to reach the hotel from Shijo Subway Station which they only need to walk for 6 minutes. Hotel Mystays offers comfortable and bright rooms equipped with an air purifier, an LCD TV, a refrigerator, a safe, and an electric kettle. Guests are served with green tea milk or coffee. They can also have massages at relaxation salon Rakuchin. It is free for guests to use computers at the lobby. Take the bus for only 15 minutes and you will arrive at the Heian-Jingu Shrine and the World Heritage Site Kiyomizu-dera. Besides, it is only 15 minutes to walk to visit Nijo Castle.

·                     Hotel Sunroute Kyoto

Though located only several blocks from Kyoto’s main shopping district, the price for staying in Hotel Sunroute Kyoto is still cheap and inexpensive. It is named as a business hotel, indeed but offers larger yet comfortable rooms than you expected. Kawaramachi-dori Street, an access to the main shopping, entertainment and dining district of downton, is only in fron of the hotel. Meanwhile at the back of hotel, you can enjoy Kiyamachi Lane. It is only 5 minutes to walk to reach Kiyomizu Gojo Station from this hotel.

·                     Toyoko Inn Kyoto Gojo-Karasuma

The hotel is located near Gojo Subway Station where you only need 3 minutes to walk there and JR Kyoto Station where you only require 15 minutes to reach it. Rooms are designed in a modern way with free Wi-Fi, heating and air conditioning facilities, a flat-screen TV, a fridge, and a suite bathroom. Start your journey from Higashi Honganji Temple (10 minutes to walk from the hotel), Kiyomizudera Temple (15 minutes by taking a cab), or Kyoto Gyoen National Garden (15 minutes by taking a train). Guests can enjoy free breakfast at the lobby.

·                     Super Hotel Shijyo Kawaramachi

If you need a budget hotel with an accessible location, we may suggest you to book a room at Super Hotel Shijyo Kawaramachi. It is really near to Takashimaya Department Store, Nishiki Market, and one or two train stations.  Rooms are offered in reasonable price and small in size. These things really match with your budget and reasons for only laying head and enjoying the better next morning with wonderful journey and vacation. You are also allowed to connect internet for free.

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