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dotonbori osaka

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Dotonbori is an area in Osaka. It truly represents the image of Osaka. It has warm and friendly atmosphere. You can feel it when you arrived there. Moreover, it offers hospitality and excellent services for the tourists. Surely, you will never get bored in Dotonbori. It is easy to rich this area. You can reach it from JR Universal City Station by catching a train to Nishikujo Station. Interchange at Nishikujo to the Hanshin Namba Line and alight at Osaka Namba Station. Another alternative, you can go all the way to JR Osaka. Just switch at Nishikujo to Osaka Outward-Loop Line. Finally, get off at Shinsaibaishi via Subway Midosuji Line.

Of course, there are so many places to visit in Dotonbori. From eatery to the shopping center; from the park to the river, you can go anywhere you want. Let’s start from the famous Glico Man. It is near the Dotonbori river. The giant signboard was installed in 1935. This is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Dotonbori. There are many tourists visit Glico man and take pictures there. Next, it is a must to visit the immovable Ferris wheel beside the river. You can enjoy the view of beautiful river and the wheel.

dotonbori river glico man

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What about shopping? It would not be complete without shopping in Dotonbori. There are many shops in this area. From clothes to souvenirs, all of them are available in the area. You can have high quality clothes with affordable price. Of course, you will fall in love with the designs of the clothes. In addition, the price is really make sense so that you do not mind to spend your money for clothes ha..ha..ha. Moreover, it is also fun to search souvenirs before you leave Japan. Small accessories such as mirrors, wallets and key chains are great options. Purchasing Japanese snacks as green tea Kit Kat, Pocky with wasabi flavor and candies is also a unique idea.

green tea KitKat

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After shopping, you can go eating in Dotonbori. Takoyaki is a must when you are hungry. This fried or grilled octopus balls are really tasty. You can find restaurants or street stalls that sell takoyaki easily.

octopus dotonbori

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Do not miss the chance to eat in Kani Doraku Dotonbori Honten or King Crab Restaurant. It is easy to find this restaurant. There is a giant crab on the top of the restaurant. Kani Doraku offers crab in all kind of styles. You can eat sashimi, tempura, grilled crab, boiled and chilled crab and many others menu which taste really good.

kani doraku osaka

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kani doraku dotonbori

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