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Enjoying Culinary World with Fukuoka Food Guide

It's Fukuoka!

It’s Fukuoka!


If you are visiting Japan, especially Fukuoka, you may want to learn about Fukuoka food guide that will take you to exciting world of Fukuoka culinary. After all, being one of the most developed cities in Japan, it is not very surprising if Fukuoka has expanded its life and guidance to other areas. The food culture is unbelievably amazing and interesting, and you certainly like your way around.


The Local Culture of Fukuoka Cuisine

If you learn more about Fukuoka food guide, you will learn that most of its culinary aspects are influenced by Chinese and Korean cuisine. Some of the local Fukuoka dishes has managed themselves to reach higher platform, becoming popular all over across Japan. Motsunabe or Hakata ramen, for instance, are now very popular in Japan. There are loads of dishes that you can try at yatai food stalls, located around the city. However, you can also travel around Nakasu entertainment district or Hakata station to try the foods in some of the upper end restaurants.





Different Types of Dishes

Based on the Fukuoka food guide, you need to try some of these popular dishes, like:

  • Hakata ramen, which is a local dish with thin noodles and creamy thick tonkatsu soup.
  • Mentaiko, if you like tarako (salted cod roe) but you want to try the spicy version, you should try mentaiko. It is generally used as rice ball filling, accompanying alcohol and rice. Mentaiko is originally influenced by Korean dish and generally served lightly seared or raw.
  • Motsunabe. If you are into pork or beef, you may like this hot pot local dish consisting of garlic, cabbage, togarashi peppers, chives, and beef/pork tripe in soy sauce soup or miso based soup. This spicy stew is tasty and inexpensive dish is generally served on spot and cooked in a portable burner.
  • Tetsunabe gyoza. It is influenced by Chinese dish because gyoza is Chinese pan fried dumplings, filled with mixture of green onions, cabbage, and ground pork. You can find such dish in restaurants, izakaya, or ramen-ya, you can also find them in gyoza specialty shops, especially the ones close to Hakata Station.


Yatai Stalls

Another interesting thing about Fukuoka culinary world is the yatai, or open-air type of food stall. Yatai generally can accommodate eight visitors with open outdoor atmosphere. You can enjoy your favorite dish surrounded by other cuisines that smell just nice. Although yatai is located all around the city, the best one is located in Nakasu Island, on the southern side. you get to enjoy tasty meal in stalls that are close to the water.


The most popular dish in yatai is the yakitori or grilled chicken skewers, oden or hot pot, and Hakata Ramen. You can also find various alcoholic beverages here while mingling with local people. yatai is generally open around 6 PM to 2 AM, with exception when weather is not friendly. Some stalls are open every day, although it is common to have one closing day within a week. If you understand this Fukuoka food guide, you can enjoy your culinary adventure.



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