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Enjoying Okonomiyaki, Tasty Dish from Japan

Okonomiyaki is often called as the exotic eastern version of pancake, although it is not completely correct.  The shape may be similar, but the ingredients used and the concept of made is totally different. some people even refer it as eastern omelets, although the filling and the ingredients used are more complete and more comprehensive. To learn about this dish and how it can benefits your culinary experience when you visit Japan, here are some facts to learn.


Okonomiyaki Japan


About Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is basically a fried pad food consisting mainly of cabbage and batter. Different ingredients can be used to make it, like wasabi, seafood, cheese, or meat. Some of them are truly veggies, while some are quite meaty. In Japanese word, okonomi means one’s preference, so you are free to choose the type of toppings you like. Although it is quite popular across Japan, it is mostly popular in western regions, like Osaka and Hiroshima. If you expect fluffiness or sweetness from the regular pancake, you won’t find it in this dish. If you want to, feel free to add pork, octopus, kimchi, yam, or shrimp into the topping. In some restaurants in Japan, they serve this dish – similar to the service in pizza parlor. However, some restaurants provide their own iron griddle so you can cook one on your own.


Making an Okonomiyaki

Making Okonomiyaki isn’t that hard actually, as long as you know how to do the proper steps:

  • Mix the batter and all of the included ingredients within a bowl. Choose good quality and fresh ingredients.
  • Make sure to mix everything well and thoroughly so everything is distributed evenly.
  • Apply little oil on the pan and pour the mixture. You should use a metal and short spatula to shape the batter so it will form a circle.
  • Flip the okonomiyaki once it is cooked well – until it turns golden brown flipping is quite difficult so be sure to do it right. in order to flip it correctly, one side should be cooked thoroughly.
  • Once both sides have been cooked properly and correctly, you can add the toppings. The sauce should go first – you will use a brush to do so.
  • Mayonnaise should go in second layers after the sauce. Followed by smoked bonito and fish shavings, topped off with dried seaweed

It’s done! You can now enjoy your creation.

making an okonomiyaki

Different Types of Okonomiyaki

This dish comes in two main variants: Osaka or Kansai style, and Hiroshima style. the previous steps are the made used for Kansai style. For Hiroshima style, the ingredients won’t be combined together. The batter is separated from the ingredients, and the batter should be prepared like a thin crepe. Once it is done, the ingredients are placed on the crepe, and then toppings are added, and you can enjoy the dish that is placed on the top side of yakisoba noodles. If you don’t really know how to make the dish, you can always go to the restaurants that provide the okonomiyaki cooked by the chef.

Okonomiyaki  Hiroshima Style

Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style Photo

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