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Facts to Know about Love Hotels

Among the many types of unique hotels available and provided in Japan, love hotels are definitely getting the negative term and understanding because of the usage and main functions. Don’t be fooled by the term love lodgings, thinking that such name refers to lovely and beautiful building. Basically, a love hotel is considered taboo or not widely spoken in Japanese society. And it is not very common for travelers to stay in such hotels. If you ask for directions from taxi drivers or travel guide, they won’t advice you to stay in such place.

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About Love Hotels

In Japan, the love hotels are mostly known as couples hotels. Some may refer it as fashion or boutique hotels. Local people call it as the short-time type of hotels that are offering double rooms for shorter time. It is generally for day shorter period or night longer time. If you are interested in renting a room, for about one to three hours, you need to spend about ¥300 to ¥7000. For the night stay, the lowest one starts from around ¥8000, with prices will be higher during weekends. There is a unique system for booking or reservation. If you want to stay for the day, it is called as resting period or kyuukei. If you want to spend the night, it is called as a staying period or shukuhaku. However, if you want to spend a night, check in time starts from around 10 PM.


The Usages and Functions

As the name suggests, the main function of such lodging is to offer undisturbed time for couples together. Japanese culture isn’t mainly popular because of its free and open space. Most Japanese people have very limited and strict room, space, and also privacy. As an example, you can see college graduates still living with their parents. Because of the limited space and privacy, some people like to act on it by making use of the couples hotels. However, some people view these hotels negatively because it is often used by unmarried couples to spend intimate together or spouses who have affairs from one another.


Amenities and Facilities

Just like the regular and common business hotels, these love hotels provide TV, double beds, and bathroom. You can basically find everything that you regularly see from the regular hotels. However, to invoke the mood, often times these hotels provide erotic programs – after all, this is why the hotels are made, basically. Some hotels may even come with certain themes or come with the needed equipments for love making, while some even provide costumes which can be rented or bought.


love hotels costume

rental costume in love hotels japan

Finding the hotels will be quite easy, as they are provided in big cities and they come with catchy and unique designs. In smaller towns, such hotels are located closers to major streets of the city outskirts. You may want to consider visiting this kind of hotel for alternative, but not when you are traveling with families. If you want to enjoy yourself or get different experience, it is possible to consider love hotels.

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