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Get To Know Closer To Donburi, Japanese Cuisine

Donburi is a Japanese rice bowl dish containing of meat, fish, vegetables, meat or other ingredients which are simmered together and then served over rice. The Donburi meals are commonly served in oversized rice bowls that also called donburi. Donburi dish sometimes also called savory or sweetened stews on rice.



Types of Sauces

There are a variety of simmering Donburi sauces according to ingredients, region, taste and season. The most common sauce would likely consist of dashi flavored, mirin as well as soy sauce. The proportions might vary, yet there is typically 3 to 4 times as much mirin and soy sauce as the flavored. For oyakodon, a famous chef Tsuji recommends using dashi flavored with dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, and also sugar. As for gyūdon, Tsuji recommends using water flavored with mirin and dark soy sauce.


There various of donburi dishes that you can find in Japan, which usually different in their toppings. Below are some of the most famous donburi:


Oyako Donburi

Oyako Donburi


Oyakodon or Oyako Donburi

Also known as the Mother and Child Donburi, the Oyakodon or Oyako Donburi name comes from this popular donburi dish two main ingredients, which are eggs and chicken. Though it is quite rare, you might also encounter an Oyakodon that features ikura or salmon egg and salmon instead the usual chicken egg and chicken.





Katsudon or Tonkatsu Donburi

Also known as Pork Cutlet Donburi, the Katsudon is served with a tonkatsu or also known as deep fried of breaded pork cutlet, onions as well as egg on the top of the cooked rice. This dish is extremely popular because it has the flavor that people of any ages would be able to enjoy.


Kaisendon or Kaisen Donburi

Also known as Seafood Donburi, The Kaisendon are topped with various of fresh and mainly raw seafood. The selection of ingredients is depends on season and location, yet oftentimes involves shrimps (ebi), tuna (maguro), sea urchin (uni), salmon roe (ikura), or crab (kani).


Gyudon or Gyuniku Donburi

Also known as Beef Donburi, the Gyudon, is a bowl of rice with beef on top. This dish is quite popular in Japan because it is a cheap type of fast food that served at many chain stores across the country. You can easily find these chain stores almost every city in Japan.


Tendon or Tempura Donburi

Also known as Tempura Donburi, the Tempura battered vegetables and seafood pieces that are deep and served on top of cooked rice. A variety of tempura pieces made of vegetables and seafood are dipped into some soya based sauce prior to be served on the top of a bowl of rice.





Unadon or Unagi Donburi

Also known as Eel Donburi, the Unadon is basically grilled eel that are prepared in some thick soya based sauce then served on the top of bowl cooked rice.


Experiencing Japan means that you’re experiencing the Japanese cuisines. It is important to try out the more common Japanese cuisines that Japanese people commonly enjoy in daily basis. That is why Donburi is a great choice, since this type of dish is very well like and very popular as daily dishes for most Japanese people.


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