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Going to Onsen Japan

onsen japan - tsurunoyu nyuto onsen


If you want to visit onsen Japan, there are sets of unspoken rules. Although considered as public bathing rituals, you need to follow the rules or you will be considered inappropriate and impolite. Onsen is unique and you can only find it in Japan. It actually refers to natural hot springs and you can find onsen throughout Japan. Some onsen may be located indoor, while some outdoors.


The Preparation

Before going to onsen, you need to prepare your own stuffs. Don’t forget to pack soap washcloth, towel, and shampoo. Although some onsen will provide towel or even shampoo and soap dispenser, it is better if you can come prepared on your own. Once you get into onsen, you will come to a changing room with lockers and baskets. Simply leave your stuffs inside the baskets. It is okay to use the locker, but you generally have to pay extra. Take off your clothes and don’t be embarrassed about nudity.


The Bathing

Keep in mind that baths are generally for soaking only; cleaning isn’t included. You should clean beforehand. All onsen have this specific area where you can wash and then rinse before entering the bath. You may be required to sit on a stool – usually small and plastic-y – during shower. Now that you are cleaned, you can enter the bath. Test the water temperature first. If it is too hot or too cold for you, wait for a while. In case you bring a hand towel with you, don’t immerse it in the water. Simply wring it outside the pool. After you are done, you can rinse again and then dry yourself with the towel you bring. Don’t go back to the changing room still wet and still dripping water. It creates slippery hazard as well as causing mess, which is impolite for the local people.



Some onsen allow visitors to bring cool water bottle, but some do provide vending machine so you can buy the drink there. Different onsen have different bath pools. Some even provide electric pools. Be aware and careful to see the provided signs.  Some onsen do provide too hot water, so you can do cold plunges to set your temperature. Know your limit and don’t push yourself as you don’t want to faint from the experience. Going to onsen Japan can provide memorable and unique experience, so be sure to enjoy it and follow the rules carefully.

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