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Hokkaido Food Guide for Great Cuisine Travelling




For foodies who are planning on travelling to Hokkaido, you should definitely read this Hokkaido food guide. Hokkaido has become one among the main attractions t northern island. The high quality agricultural produce along with high quality of cold waters seafood products are probably the most obvious reason for Hokkaido’s fame. Due to the large size, great climate and soil, as well as the small population, Hokkaido has been able to advance their farming production.


Seafood Products

The freshness and the high quality seafood is what Hokkaido is well known of. This is because Hokkaido is located at northernmost prefecture. Japan’s northernmost cold water sea are best for any sea vegetation and fish. Even so, Hokkaido is famous for particular seafood products such as sea urchin. Other famous seafood products in Hokkaido including squid (ika), hotate (scallops), ikura (salmon roe) as well as crab (kani). To get the freshest Hokkaido seafood products, you should have donburi breakfast at the Hokkaido’s fish market. The most common topping for the donburi is fresh salmon roe, sea urchin or squid, or the combination of the three.



Dairy Products

We should mention in this Hokkaido food guide that not only the farming industry, Hokkaido is also capable of establishing huge dairy industry because of their expansive countryside. Hokkaido itself produces approximately 50% of Japan’s dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and yoghurt. Hokkaido has great strong brand value of their dairy products. That is why unlike anywhere else in Japan, Hokkaido people have been using dairy products for many of their dishes. Even simple dish such as ramen is served with butter slices on top of it. There are also famous local souvenirs that are using dairy products as one of the ingredients, which are the butter cookie sandwiches. These cookies sandwiches are made cookies with raisins and butter within the middle.




Ramen is actually originated from China, yet imported to Japan on Meiji period from 1868 to 1912. Ramen is quite popular throughout Japan, yet this dish is also recognized as Hokkaido’s specialty. The noodles, toppings as well as the soup base varied all across Japan. Even in Hokkaido there are numerous variations between regions. Just like other parts of the country, in Hokkaido you can find plenty of ramen shops along the main streets and across the cities among various kinds of restaurants. There are a couple of famous ramen shops that tourists must try when they’re visiting Hokkaido, which are Sapporo’s Ramen Yokocho or Ramen Republic and   Asahikawa’s Ramen Village.



As for beverages, beer has become one of the famous alcoholic beverages in the country since the Germany introduced it the beginning of Meiji Period. The most famous beer from Hokkaido would be Sapporo Beer. This beer brand is one among the first beer brands in Japan that marked the beginning of Japan’s brewery industry. Tourists could learn more about the beer history in Hokkaido at Sapporo Beer Museum. They can even have an enjoyable beer tasting after the tour. If you’re true foodies, then this place is certainly one of Hokkaido’s travel destinations that you shouldn’t miss. That is why this travel destination is highly recommended by Hokkaido food guide.



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