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Interesting Experience when Spending a Night at Ryokan




If you want to experience the traditional Japanese inn with its unique characteristic and feel, you should go to Ryokan, which can be found easily in some parts of Japan. Ryokan isn’t a place or a city. It is the name of Japanese inns that can provide unique experience when you want to get a taste of ‘truly Japan’. Most Ryokans are included in the hot spring resorts, allowing you to sleep, have fun, and really have a blast while staying in it. be prepared to deal with futon beds, tatami floors, and other traditional Japanese elements, including local cuisine and bathing style.


Types of Ryokan

You may not know this, but Ryokan varies in cost, size, and also style. some are running on family basis establishments, so it is quite small and only caters to several rooms. Others may be quite big – almost like a big hotel – and has more than a hundred room. Such inn also comes in wealth-type accommodation to the low budget kind. Generally, you need to spend between ¥15,000 to ¥25,000 per night and for one person only. For the general price tag, such price is quite expensive, but it is actually worth your spending if you truly want to experience unique and different traveling experience. Staying in such inn provides different sensation, unlike staying in regular hotels or motels.



What to Wear

When staying in a Ryokan, you need to wear a Yukata, a traditional Japanese attire. Yukata, means bathing clothes, is similar to the kimono, but shorter, lighter, and more casual. It is also made from cotton. Wearing a yukata is normal because it is functioning as loungewear as well as bathrobe, so you can wear it when having breakfast and dinner, and when you want to take a bath. You can also wear it as your sleep attire. When you check in, you will be shown a set of yukata by the attendant. Some inns have different sizes of yukata, but some provide all size yukata for easier selection. If you don’t really know how to wear one, you can ask for assistance and guidance from the attendant.

Laying bath


Relaxation and Entertainment

If you go to this Japanese inn, be sure that you should feel relaxed and laid back. The atmosphere is soothing, relaxing, and peaceful. The most popular attraction of such inn is the hot bath. Most Ryokans have onsen with nice facilities of bathing and also spas. Generally, they provide a special hot bath – indoor or outdoor – for each gender, although it is quite common for them to provide one for mixed gender usage. Some Ryokans provide private onsen or bath for families, but you may have to reserve for it first.


Other Entertainments

Most visitors like to take a relaxing walk around the neighborhood or around the garden. You can go sightseeing or shopping in the traditional shops. Bigger Ryokan tends to have more facilities like game room, karaoke room, bars, and restaurants so their guests can enjoy themselves without leaving the premise.




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