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Japanese Souvenirs



Visiting Japan without searching and purchasing Japanese souvenirs is useless. It means that you do not have something to remember when you return to your home. Therefore, it is a must to search some souvenirs. You can put some souvenirs at some places in your home. In addition, you can share the joy of visiting Japan by giving souvenirs to your friends and family. There are some ideas of Japanese souvenirs for you. Surely, it is easier to find the souvenirs when you have some ideas in your mind. We can start with the nice quality folding fans. The nice one made of genuine Japanese fabrics and wood. Although it is a little bit pricier, but the quality and design are great.

The next idea about Japanese souvenirs is traditional clothes. Yukata or simple kimono for summer made of thin fabric, usually cotton or synthetic. You can bring yukata as souvenirs, both for yourself or as gifts. It is really easy to find yukata sets in stores around Japan, especially in tourist areas as Asakusa and Akihabara. There is yukata set which contains a yukata, an obi, a yukata string / himo and woodan sandals called geta. The yukata sets are great souvenirs for kids and adults.




It is also suggested for you to search for Omamori as souvenirs. What is that? Omamori is Japanese amulets. Usually, it is sold at religious sites. Japanese believe that Omamori provides various forms of luck or protection. Some Omamori have traditional designs while the others have cute and modern designs. They often have the name where you bought it. Furthermore, it is also great to bring chopstick as your Japanese souvenirs. High quality chopstick made of strong wood and they also have great colors and designs. And of course, a beautiful chopstick makes you remember about Japan.



Do you need more ideas about Japanese souvenirs? It is also a great idea to purchase some sweets and chocolates from Japan. There are some famous brands as KitKat, Pocky, Pretz and many others. They are not only delicious and have cute package. Also, the chocolate has unique flavors that can be found only in Japan such as green tea, banana, brown sugar, apricot seed, grilled sweet potato, azuki/red bean, pumpkin and many others. Moreover, there are also some snacks that are worth to try as Tokyo Banana. This brand has taken banana to the next level.




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