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Japanese Winter Fashion



Japanese women know how to look stylish in any condition, even in winter. Yes, it is a fact. Whenever you go in Japan during the cold days, you will be able to see the evidence. Both teenagers and grown up women love to explore fashion and create Japanese winter fashion. Why do not we look at their signature styles? To protect them from the cold winter wind, they usually wear coat. And of course, the coat is not just a coat. There are coats made of leather, velvet, and wool numerous brands. Each of them has their own characteristic that makes the owner looks more stunning than ever.

Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots


Next, shoes are also important in Japanese winter fashion. There are various types of shoes to wear during winter. Women love to wear something comfortable but also beautiful. Usually, they wear long boots. This type is a great option since the long boots give warmth for the users. Ugg boots are also popular among Japanese women. Next, some women prefer to wear ankle boots. Moccasin and Oxford shoes are also added into the favorite list. They are comfortable but still stylish. Besides the types of shoes, women also think about the color of the shoes. Some colors as tan, camel, dark brown, black and grey are popular color of shoes.

Talking Japanese winter fashion is incomplete without the accessories and small things but important during winter. Japanese women know how to look stylish without forgetting about the function of winter accessories. Yes, look at the scarves. Those are used to protect their neck from frosty wind and also to enhance their looks. Furthermore, there are beautiful gloves made of various materials to protect their hands. To protect their legs, women also wear stockings and leggings. Some of them are plain and the others are printed in different motifs and colors.



What about the heads? Well, you will be interested. There are many types of hats to wear. It starts from headband, floppy hat, beanie, turban, faux fur hat, bobble hat and earflap beanie. See? There are so many types of hats. There are some materials that are usually used such as wool, velvet, faux fur, and the real fur. From the head, there are also ear muffs to protect the ears. They are also come with different colors and materials. Of course, Japanese women know how to mix and match the clothes, shoes and the accessories. Looking sophisticated is just easy for them. No wonder people around the world love to get inspiration from Japanese winter fashion.






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