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Kyoto Tower Hotel, A Place for Enjoying Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Tower Hotel, A Place for Enjoying Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Tower Hotel Japan

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Visiting Kyoto would be much better, if you also stay at the right hotel. Among many hotels you can find, there is Kyoto Tower Hotel. This hotel can be found in Kyoto Tower. This is also the thing that makes this hotel unique, because it is located in the in the same building with Kyoto Tower.

Beside its unique location, this hotel also has perfect location for traveler. The Kyoto Tower Hotel location is right in front of Kyoto Station and main business station. This means, for transportation facility, you don’t need to worry, because you can get to many places from this hotel.

front office kyoto tower hotel japan

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The hotel that is located in Kyoto Tower also gives you more options for sightseeing. If you don’t want to go out of hotel, you also can enjoy the Kyoto Tower. This hotel is in 5th to 9th floor of this tower, where you will find the reception area on 8th floor. On the bottom floor, you can find everything that you need to have vacation in this city. For example, there is tourist information on 3rd floor or Japanese public spas in the basement. You also can find Sky Lounge bar, restaurant and many more.

The Hotel Facilities

You can get all room types that you want. This hotel provides various types of room:  single, twin and double, deluxe twin, triple as well as deluxe triple r, or if you go to Kyoto with your whole family, you also can get deluxe family ones. Therefore, this place is suitable staying place for single traveler or if you go with 4 to 6 of your friend or family.

double room kyoto tower hotel japan

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Each room also has everything that you need. First, you can choose the smoking or else non-smoking type room. This option is available for all rooms, except family rooms. Family rooms is only available for non-smoking type room.

In each room, there is cable TV, Air Conditioner, UCC coffee maker, free Wi-Fi internet access and LAN cable, air humidifier, refrigerator, electric kettle and air purifier. You also can find bidet toilet, hairdryer and full set toiletries you can use for free in the bathroom.

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This hotel also has special room that uses Japanese and Western interior design. This is unique room where you can find tatami mat floor in it. This special room is only available for non-smoking type. There is also full Japanese Style Room. You can choose this room, if you want to experience how to live or stay in traditional Japanese home. In this room, you won’t find any bed, but, it is replaced by futons. This room is only available for smoking room only. For children, you can find Tawara-chan Room. This room uses the Kyoto Tower mascot, Tawara-chan as the theme.

tradisional room with tatami in kyoto tower hotel japan

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Other Service

View RoofTop Kyoto Tower Hotel Japan

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You can get breakfast in buffet style on 3rd floor of Kyoto Tower Terrace from 7 am. The price is 2100 yen for adult, 1100 yen for children in elementary school age and 600 yen for kids 3 years olds and above. You also can find special deal by paying 2200 yen and you will get breakfast and spas in the basement. You can save lot of money by taking this deal, especially for spa that cost quite expensive.

restaurant kyoto tower hotel japan

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