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Meeting Geisha in Gion Japan

There are several interesting things to see – or meet – in Gion Japan. Everyone knows that Mount Fujiyama and geisha are two icons that are always connected to Japan. Well, you can see geisha is Gion, as the area is known as the center of geisha. Of course there are also other things to see in Gion, but most people would want to know the traditional art form as well as geisha when they come to this district


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About Gion

As a district of Kyoto, Gion managed to develop itself into a quite interesting place. The development started from the Middle Ages, taken place around Yasaka Shrine. Originally, the district was set up so travelers and visitors needs can be accommodated when they come to the shrine. Later on, it managed to evolve into well known and exclusive district for geisha in Japan. Gion geisha don’t generally use the term ‘geisha’  – which means person of arts or artist – for themselves. They prefer the term geiko, which means a woman or art or a child of art.


photo: images google

photo: images google

Divisions of the District

Gion is divided into two geiko communities, also known as hanamachi: Gion Higashi and Gion Kobu. The division had happened years and years ago. Kobu is basically bigger, whose area is almost covering Gion district, while Higashi only occupies the northeast area and centered around the rehearsal hall. The number of geisha is Gion has reduced drastically within this 100 year, but the area is still well known for the preservation of the traditional entertainment and also architecture. Kyoto has just finished a project to restore Gion streets to preserve the original beauty by moving the utilities overhead into underground area.


Meeting with Geisha

In case you want to meet up with geisha or take pictures with them, there are several ways to try. You can always go to theater where you can watch seven of Japanese traditional arts, covering flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Japanese harp (koto), comic play (kyogen), court dance (gagaku), puppet play (Bunraku), and Maiko dance. Other ways is to simply wait around the streets of Gion as it is the residence of geishas and maikos – they are often seen moving from one banquet to another. You can also have an arranged meeting – which of course will cost you. or if you want to experience the traditional geisha meeting privately, you can always visit a teahouse and have Ochaya-asobi time in Gion Japan.

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