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Money and Other Types of Payment Methods

There are various types of payment beside money or cash that you could make use of as traveling to Japan. Cash is yet the favored payment means, particularly if it involves small quantities. Large bills are readily utilized and received in almost every place in Japan while lesser denominations are valued for taxi payments, smaller shops as well as temples and shrines.



Payment Methods

Despite the fact that Japan has a reputation for being a cash-based culture, yet tendencies have slowly been shifting, and there has been an important increase within the acceptance of different payment means:

  • Credit/Debit Cards

There’s a better acceptance of debit and credit cards, particularly in large cities. Most accommodations take payment via credit cards these days, just like most department stores, large retail shops, outlet malls and also mid to high end restaurants.



  • IC Cards

IC cards, such Icoca and Suica, are a stored significance cards that could be recharged. Mainly a mean for handy payment of bus and train fares, IC cards at the moment double as means of payment at a rising quantity of stores and restaurants inside large cities.

  • Traveler’s Check

T/C or Traveler’s Checks have a tendency to yield an added advantageous exchange rate as compare to the earlier two means. The bad side is the difficulty of needing to get them in your country ahead of your traveling dates and then the need to find a location to change them in Japan. Regardless of whether you are obtaining more value of your money relies upon your home currency.



How to Obtain Your Yen

After seeing the major payment means in Japan, you must have the basic idea of how you need to prepare money for your trip. Cash is useful due to the fact that it is customary under all conditions, yet credit cards could be a fitting option at suitable places. Theft and also robberies are quite rare in Japan, therefore in terms of keeping considerable amounts of cash with you, safety is not as much of a concern as compare to your tendency to misplace money by mistake.


Currency Exchange

Currency exchange in Japan is typically handled by post offices, banks, a number of bigger hotels as well as a few of certified money changers found particularly at international airports. Whether or not it’s better to change for yen prior to going to Japan is dependent on the foreign currency that you hold. For illustration, the US dollar is actually a well traded foreign currency in Japan, then somewhat for this motivation you could get a advantageous rate should you change US dollars to yen in Japan. For a broad comparison in exchange rates, check with the Narita Airport’s available rates.


For your information, the possibility that credit cards are accepted lower in small towns and cities, and therefore it is recommended to hold cash at hand as touring rural locations. Cash is generally the only method to pay for entrance fees at small tourist sites, smaller restaurants and also small shops. The common public transportation additionally calls for coins. In terms of preparing money for transportation, preparing coins ahead of time to using buses or trams is a great idea.

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