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Most Recommended Okinawa Food Guide

Okinawa food guide usually share a list of unique Okinawan dishes which different from most Japanese type of cuisine. Because the island’s distinctive history, the Okinawa cuisine is influenced by South East Asian, Chinese, American, as well as Japanese cuisine. The types of dishes in Okinawa mostly are affected by the different climate, agriculture and the local’s appetite.

okinawa food guide


Unique Dishes

There three types of unique dishes in Okinawa. These dishes not only popular among locals yet popular among tourists as well;

  • Champuru

Champuru is a Japanese word for stir fry. So Champuru dish means that the ingredients are cooked stir frying. The most well known champuru dish is the goya champuru. It is actually a stir fry egg, tofu and pork with bitter goya vegetables.

  • Okinawa Soba

Okinawa soba is more like udon noodles than soba noodles, since they are made from wheat instead of the usual buckwheat flour. This dish is normally served with some toppings and a bowl of broth.

  • Taco Rice

Taco rice is basically a bowl of rice serve with the usual taco ingredients such as tomatoes and salsa, lettuce, and ground beef.


Traditional Dishes

There are a few famous traditional dishes that you need to try when you’re in Okinawa.

  • Rafute

Rafute is basically a pork dish that features very savory and rich thick cut meat of the pig belly. To add savory flavor, the pork is cooked by boiling it in fish broth or soya sauce or some of the times in awamori until the meat is soft.

  • Mimiga

Mimiga is another popular pork dish consists of finely cut pig’s ear which is boiled and steamed. Mimiga usually has crunchy texture and seasoned using ponzu sauce.

  • Umibudo

Umibudo is a kind of seaweed which looks almost like grapes.  Each and every umibudo ball has soft skins which unleashes salty liquid whenever you bite them. Umibudo usually served with simply a bit of soya sauce or vinegar.

  • Tofuyo

Tofuyo is an outcome of aging and fermenting regular tofu.  Because of the similar taste and texture, tofuyo oftentimes compared to certain strong cheese. The tofuyo taste can be smoothly compliment by a glass of Japanese alcoholic beverage called awamori.

  • Yagi Sashimi

The Yagi sashimi is chewy raw goat meat that has somewhat tough goaty flavor.  Any  Okinawa food guide would agree that yagi sashimi is definitely one among the most challenging Okinawa’s dishes.



These following beverages are quite famous and widely obtainable in Okinawa;

  • Orion Beer

This particular beer brand has lighter taste which almost the same as Superdry.

  • Awamori

Awamori is actually a unique distilled beverage that contains approximately 30 to 40 percentage of alcohol. Awamori can be easily found in most dining places in Okinawa.

  • Sanpin-cha

Sanpin cha is actually an Okinawa name of Jasmine tea, which is highly popular in Okinawa.


To get the best dining experience, it is advisable that you go to one of local izakaya restaurants in Okinawa. This type of dining place serves multiple Okinawan dishes at a time in smaller portion. A number of dining places in famous tourists’ districts such as Kokusaidori street offer enhanced dining experience with its live music. Find out more about this type of restaurants from a trustworthy Okinawa food guide.


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