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Osaka Namba

osaka namba

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Osaka is a big city with various tourist destinations. One of the best locations to visit is Osaka Namba. Namba is regarded as the center of the South area of Osaka. Namba is famous as the city’s main south-central railway terminus as JR, Kintetsu, Nankai and Hanshin. Plus, there are three lines of Osaka Municipal Subway in this area. It is for sure that reaching Osaka Namba is really easy since there are many options for you. As long as you know the routes, you can go to Namba anywhere you want. It is really cool, right? No need to worry about the transportation.

You won’t be bored at all when you visit Osaka Namba. There are so many places to visit. This area is also well known as an entertainment district. No wonder, tourists never get bored in Namba. Imagine, there are many options for them. It is not difficult to find popular bars, restaurants, nightclubs, arcades and pachinko parlors. Not forget, it is also fun to go shopping here. There is Takashimaya department store which offers various stuffs, from clothes, make up, home décor, electronic devices. You can get anything you want there. Not forget, Namba City shopping mall is also a great place to shop.

namba park osaka

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Want something different and unusual? Don’t worry, you can find it in Osaka Namba. Do not forget to visit Namba Parks. This building breaks the custom and offers something new. It consists of ‘Park Tower’, a high office building, and shopping mall with rooftop garden. Within the mall, there are 120 tenants to visit. With such facilities, visitors can shop till they drop. What about culinary spots? Well, there are plenty restaurants in the 6th floor. It starts from Japanese foods to Italian foods. Another interesting spot to visit is the Parks Garden. It has amazing green area that makes people forget that they are in the middle of the city.

shin kabukiza osaka

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Searching for unique experience? It is highly suggested to visit Shin-Kabuki-Za. This is a theater which exclusively related to Kabuki. It is such a great chance to see Kabuki performance. The elegant movements of the Kabuki players will mesmerize you.

Namba Grand Kagetsu Osaka

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Next, you can visit Namba Grand Kagetsu. This theater employs many comedians. Watching funny and silly acts of the comedians is an unforgettable moment. Even though you do not understand Japanese language, you will be entertained when you watch their expressions.

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