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Osaka Shopping Guide For Great Trip




If you’re thinking about traveling to Osaka, there are several Osaka shopping guide you need to follow. You can find a number of world class shopping areas along with miles of malls, shopping streets and shopping arcades. Osaka’s shopping is a combination of upscale designer products, brand name and cheap discount chains and thrift stores.


Popular Shopping Areas

Here are some of Osaka’s popular shopping areas:

  • Namba and Umeda

Namba at the south and Umeda at the north are two of the city’s biggest shopping areas. Namba, or known as Minami is located around the Namba Station.

  • Umeda

Umeda or known as Kita is located near Umeda Station and also JR Osaka Station. Both districts have large numbers of shopping arcades, department stores as well as numerous of Japan’s huge underground shopping malls.




  • Shinsaibashi Suji

Between Namba and Umeda, there is a covered shopping arcade called Shinsaibashi Suji, which is one among Osaka’s busiest and oldest shopping destinations that’s about six hundred meters long. What’s make Shinsaibashi Suji’s popular among shoppers is its collection of shops, chain stores, brand name shops, independent boutiques as well as a wide number of restaurants.

  • Amerikamura

If you want to check out Osaka’s well known youth fashion center that has hundreds of inexpensive small boutiques, you should go to Amerikamura.

  • Minami-senba

Not so far from Amerikamura, you’ll find the Minami-senba and Horie districts which cater to more sophisticated and older shopper with fitting prices.

  • Nipponbashi

Nipponbashi’s Den Den Town is another specialized shopping area that’s dedicated to gaming and electronic goods. This shopping area is comparable to Akibara district in Tokyo.

  • Doguya Suji

Doguya Suji located around namba Station. Doguya Suji is a shopping arcade that sell all kinds of cooking tools and accessories. You can find restaurant grade dishes, stove tops, pans to kitchen staff’s uniform.


Low Budget Shopping Areas

Good Osaka shopping guide should always include information on low budget shopping destinations. There are various collection of shops that sell all kinds of inexpensive stuffs within the Osaka’s northeasern called Tenjinbashi Suji. This shopping arcade located near the Tenmangu Shrine. What makes this shopping arcade special is the fact that it claimed to be longest of it kind in Japan, since it’s about 2.6 kilometers long.





Flagship Stores

Osaka is considered as one of the biggest shopping destination that many Japan’s major department stores set up their flagship stores and headquarters here. You can find most of them within the Umeda district around and inside the complex of Osaka Station City, where Daimaru, Hankyu, Mitsukoshi Isetan, and Hanshin stores are located. Japan’s biggest department store that’s owned by Kintetsu and was opened earlier this year is located next to Tennoji Station at Abeno Harukas complex.




There are various opening and closing time of shopping facilities in Osaka. Even so, most of the shops are open around ten to eleven am and close around seven to eight pm. On Sundays and national holidays, most shops stays open. The only standart closing day only occur on January 1. If you’re traveling in a short period of time, I hope this Osaka shopping guide help you decide which place to visit in Osaka.

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