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Shinkansen Tokyo to Osaka



It is a must for you to visit different cities in Japan. Each city offers unique experience and unforgettable moments. Therefore, do not miss the chance to enjoy all your journeys in the land of samurai. After spending your time in the capital city, now it is the right time to go west. Yes, it is time to visit Osaka. There are some ways to visit the famous city in the Kansai region. You can use shinkansen Tokyo to Osaka.These two cities are connected by JR TokaidoShinkansen. You are able to begin your journey from Tokyo and Shinagawa Stations. Meanwhile, your destination is Shin-Osaka Station.

There are three types of shinkansen Tokyo to Osaka. There is Nozomi train. Using this train, you will be able to save your time. It only takes 155 minutes to reach Shin-Osaka Station. Next, there is Hikari train. You need about three hours to reach Osaka. The last train is named Kodama. It takes about four hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station. About the ticket fare, you only have to spend about 13,620 yen for non-reserved seat on any train. If you have reserved seat on Hikari or Kodama, you have to spend 14,200 yen. Meanwhile, if you have reserved a seat on Nozomi train, you have to pay about 14,500 yen.



If you want to buy a 7-day Japan Rail Pass, it costs about the same as regular round trip tickets. The Japan Rail Pass valid on Hikari and Kodama but it is not work for Nozomi train. There is an E-voucher round trip by Nozomi or Hikari from Tokyo to Osaka and back plus a day pass for subways and buses in Osaka. This package is offered by Japanican and costs only 22,000 yen. And luckily, this privilege is only available for foreign tourists. You can have an enjoyable trip with this package. Therefore, do not miss the chance and get it as soon as possible.



Besides talking about shinkansen Tokyo to Osaka, it is also important to know fun things to do in Osaka. Do not forget to try some delicious foods in Osaka. Try eating okonomiyaki and takoyaki. These Japanese dishes can be found in the food stalls. Okonomiyaki has unique tastes, the mixture of western and eastern taste. The Japanese sauce is mixed with mayonnaise. Meanwhile, takoyaki is perfect for those who want to eat the round snacks with the piece of squid inside.




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