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Shitennoji Temple Osaka

Shittennoji Temple Osaka

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Visiting Japanese bars and karaoke? Check. Go shopping and eating delicious Japanese foods? Check. Enjoying the mountain and natural views? Check. It seems that you almost run out ideas of how to enjoy your time in Japan. What about visiting the beautiful temples? You haven’t done it, right? Here, there is Shittenoji Temple Osaka. Yes, we go to the west this time to see the one of the oldest temples in Japan. There are a lot of things to see in the temple. In addition, you are able to get amazing and unforgettable moments there. Don’t miss the chance otherwise you will be upset.

Shittenoji Temple Osaka was founded and built in 593 by Prince Shotoku. This temple is the one and only which was built by the government.  The Prince supported the introduction of Buddhism to Japan. Shittenoji Temple Osaka reflects the original 6th century design. As time goes by, the temple’s buildings burned down several time. However, they were always carefully reconstructed. We are really lucky to visit and see the temple. We are able to learn history from the actual place. Not forget, the temple also has outstanding design and views that make the visitors love it.

Shitennoji Temple Osaka has several buildings. There is middle gate, tower, main hall and lecture hall that were arranged from south to the north in a beeline. This formation is well-known as ‘Shitennoji type temple layout’. The style modeled after the Chinese style of architecture. You will be mesmerized by the serene atmosphere and the elegant design of temple.

Gokuraku-jodo garden

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When you walk in the Gokuraku-jodo garden, feel the blowing winds and grasp the ancient and majestic ambiance around you. The garden was designed based on the picturesque of Amida Buddha’s Paradise.  Still on the temple ground, there is a treasure house which displays paintings, scriptures and the other valuable belongings of the temple.

shitennoji temple gate

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We are free to enter the temple grounds of Shitennoji Temple Osaka. There are admission fees for some areas as in the inner precinct, the Gokuraku-jodo Garden and the treasure house. In the pebble covered courtyard of the inner precinct, there is a five-story pagoda. You can enter the pagoda and enjoy the views. Before you plan your visit to Shitennoji Temple Osaka, you need to know the operational time. The Inner precinct, Gokuraku-jodo Garden and the Treasure House opens from 8.30 to 16.30. So, do not miss the right time.

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