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Staying in Cool Capsule Hotels



Capsule hotels are becoming the unique trademark of affordable and hassle free lodgings in Japan. You won’t find such unique experience in other places. Not only this kind of lodging is unique and different, it is actually very comfortable and nice. You can find such accommodation in the main train stations in big cities around Japan.


Affordable Lodgings

The great thing about having such capsule hotels is the fact that it is quite affordable, and yet it is comfy and nice enough. You don’t have to compromise your comfort at all while staying in this lodging. If you only want to spend a night in simple manner and you are rather low on the budget, this lodging still enables you to enjoy your own enclosed and private beds with standard and basic amenities. Unlike the regular business hotels, you only have to spend ¥3000 to ¥4000 a night. Because of the increasing popularity, today’s capsule lodgings are coming with different themes and level of service. You can find premium hotels or the ones with themes in major cities like Osaka, Kyoto, or Tokyo – of course with higher price.



About the Lodging

Basically, a capsule lodging consists of a small and compact fiberglass unit with a futon mattress for single person, which is around 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, and 1 meter high in dimension. The capsule is generally lined up in the corridor side by side and offered in two stacked units. Originally, such capsule hotels are built for businessmen who are often on the go. But today’s modern lodgings also cater to female guests, and some of the hotels provide different building or floors for men and women guests. When you stay in the hotel, you can get an alarm clock, a light, blankets, sheets, and pillows, as well as radio and TV. On the entrance, there is a curtain for privacy which you can easily open and close. Some places offer WiFi connections and also power outlets.

capsule hotel japan


How to Check into the Hotels

Basically, the procedures are the same. But some of the implementations are different.

  • Make sure to remove your shoes and put them into a locker. You can lock it for protection.
  • Check in. You will be given a capsule number and also the key for the locker. It is advisable that you don’t keep valuable belongings inside the capsule because it can’t be locked.
  • Most visitors usually start the night by taking a bath first, before they can go relaxing in the provided lounge. Soaps, shampoo, and towels are generally provided, even yukata, if there is any.
  • Some hotels provide restaurants, lounges, or other entertainments spaces. If you want to smoke or eat, use these areas as they aren’t allowed inside the capsule.
  • When you are ready to go to bed, close the curtain.
  • Check out in the next morning.


Some people consider this lodging as a cool and interesting alternative, especially for those with low budgets. If you want to experience unique traveling moment, try staying at capsule hotels and see how it feels.

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