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Taste the Delicious Japanese Rice



Japanese rice has been cultivated by farmers across the country for more than 2000 years and become Japan’s most essential crop. It is the main staple food for the Japanese diet and also has fundamental importance for the Japanese culture.


In traditional Japanese meals, the center part is a bowl of cooked rice. But cooked rice isn’t the only rice product since the grain is processed to a few different types of products as well including vinegar, flour and alcohol. Below are a few most common rice products as well as a list of the usual rice dishes that can easily be found all across Japan.


Common Types of Rice

Below are several types of Japanese rice:

  • Hakumai or White Rice

The greater part of rice is commonly polished to remove its hard outer skin/ rice bran and eaten as white rice. White rice is served with most Japanese meals.

  • Genmai or Brown Rice
  • Genmai or the unpolished rice has been gaining popularity recently as a great health food since it is more nutritious as compared to white rice.
  • Multigrain Rice

Other seeds and grains could be added to white rice so that it has more flavor and nutrients.

  • Mochigome or Glutinous Rice

Glutinous Rice or also known as Mochigome or the sticky rice is probably the second most popular variety of rice in Japan. When the rice is being cooked, it is stickier than common rice.


Common Rice Products

Below are some of the Japanese rice products:

Choose Your Sake

Choose Your Sake


  • Nihonshu or Sake       or Rice Wine

Commonly known as sake or nihonshu, rice wine is an alcoholic drink created by fermenting rice. Sake or nihonshu comes in a few varieties and could be served either hot or cold.

  • Rice Vinegar

Rice can also be made into vinegar, and is commonly used in pickles, dressings, marinades, pickles as well as for preparing sushi rice.

  • Rice Flour

Rice flour are created from ground up glutinous or white rice, and it is used to make a variety of Japanese rice crackers and also sweets.

  • Nuka or Rice Bran

Nuka or rice branis the hard part of the rice grains outer skin that is removed as polishing the brown rice to make white rice. Nuka is very nutritious and is used in various Japanese cooking.

Common Rice Dishes

Below are some of the rice dishes:

  • Gohan

A bowl of cooked rice becomes the basis of most Japanese meals. The cooked rice often acts as the central dish of meals like a Japanese set meal or breakfast.




  • Mochi
  • Mochi or omochi or rice cakes are traditionally made of pounded and steamed glutinous rice. Rice cakes are prepared and made in various methods and could be eaten fresh, fried, grilled or served in soups.
  • Onigiri

Onigiri or rice balls are made from cooked rice and are usually wrapped inside nori seaweed. They’re usually lightly seasoned using a bit of salt and often filled with a filling such as pickled Japanese plum or salmon.

Unagi Donburi

Unagi Donburi


  • Donburi

Donburi actually refers to a bowl of cooked rice topped with some other food. Donburi are commonly served at specialty restaurants and at all types of restaurants.

  • Sushi

Sushi is basically a dish that consists of sushi rice, which is plain cooked white rice that are flavored with vinegar and topped with raw fish.

  • Omuraisu

Omuraisu, the short for omelet rice, is actually fried rice wrapped with a thin egg omelet and usually garnished with ketchup or sauce. Omuraisu is one of the most popular Japanese rice dishes.

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