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The Benefits of Shopping in 100 Yen Shop



Known as Hyaku en shoppu, 100 yen shop offers loads of cute stuffs in very affordable manner. 100 yen is basically similar to $1, so having items that are easily and affordably purchased is very nice. This kind of shop is very popular around Japan, and you can find one among the many hundreds of similar store in big cities in Japan.


About the Shop

The 100 yen shop is basically a discounted store selling various kinds of products for around 108 yen; consisting of 100 yen as the main price and 8% of the consumption tax. Not only this kind of shop is popular among residents – especially high school kids – it is also popular among travelers. Not only you will find a single item with tag price of 100 yen, you can also find several small items bonded together and sold for 100 yen, like snacks or candies. Some of the items may be sold for more than 100 yen and they are usually sold in larger groups or packages. Despite the higher price, it is still considered a good bargain if you buy such item.




Various Types

Basically, such shops are easily found as they are scattered around Japan. They can be found as small corner shops or in big shopping malls. Some of them are even coming in convenience store chains; where some adopt the 100 yen concept based on the original selling pinpoint. Daiso, one of the market leader companies in Japan, has aggressively pursued the expansion policy of this story over their two thousand branch stores all over Japan. The biggest one is located in Takeshita Dori, close to Harajuku Station, called as the Daiso Harajuku. There are also other big stores covering Daiso Osaka Keihan City Mall (close to Keihan Railway), Daiso Nagoya Sakae Skyle (close to Sakae Station), Daiso Sapporo (close to Odori Station), Daiso Fukuoka Kotsu Center (close to Hakata Station), and Daiso Kobe Sannomiya Centergai (close to Sannomiya Station).


The Stuffs to Find

Here are the main stuffs that you can find in 100 yen shop:

  • Tableware, such as sake sets, forks, rice soup bowl, miso soup bowl, tea cups, plates, etc
  • Kitchenware, like microwave containers, detergent, dippers, aluminum foil, coffee filter, kitchen knives, etc
  • Tools, like screwdriver sets, pliers, measuring tapes, cutter knives, etc
  • Gardenware, like containers, mini rakes, watering pots, etc
  • Household goods, such as slippers, towels, sewing threads, socks, etc
  • Stationery, like calligraphy brushes, pens, boxes, memo pads, pins, reports pads, etc
  • Leisure stuffs, like swimming goggles, ping pong sets, dictionaries, etc



If you want to get various handy and yet cute and adorable stuffs that are very affordable, this is the kind of store you want to visit. Some of these stores have their own brands and those items are sold below the actual market value. The reason why they can offer such low price tag is because they but the items directly from the manufacturers in bulk. Try finding this 100 yen shop is you come visiting Japan.


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