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The Cost of Living in Japan

cost of living in japan

Japan, is well-known because of its interesting places and amazing cultures. Not forget, this country has so many things offered for those who need to stay there for a while either for study or work. No wonder, you just do not want to miss the chance to go there and start your adventure. Despite all the enthusiasm you’ve got about Japan, you still have to consider about the cost of living in Japan. Yes, indeed. Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live. Therefore, you need to know some information about the cost of living there. Definitely, the tips will help you to save you money and help you from financial troubles there.

Apartment in japan


Housing is one of the most important things to consider about the cost of living in Japan. You have to know the best location to stay. An apartment and a house in the central Tokyo area are very expensive. Even a tiny apartment in Tokyo costs a lot of money. To cope with this condition, you can find the other options. It is better to find a place to rent in the suburbs, the other prefectures and the other regions. The housing costs are distinctly lower there.

transportation in japan


Next,it is important to think about the transportation. By choosing the right decision, you can cut your cost of living in Japan. For daily basis, it is better to purchase commuter passes for unlimited travel between home and working place or campus. If you live near the office or campus, you can rent or purchase a bicycle for your transportation. Having a car, especially in Tokyo, is really expensive due to the mandatory bi-annual inspections, the mandatory insurance, automobile tax and the fee for a parking space in the large cities. Therefore, owning a car is not a great option, unless you can afford it with your salary.

food in japan



Do not forget to think about the cost of foods there. Relatively, seasonal vegetables, seafood, soya bean products and rice are inexpensive. You can cut your cost of living in Japan by purchasing perishable products before the time of closing. The local supermarkets usually give big discounts in the evening. Moreover, you can search cheap but healthy and delicious meals around the train stations and the business areas. Not forget, some daily utilities as gas, water, electricity and phone rates are expensive. Use those utilities wisely. For international calls, you can opt to internet phones.

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