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The Deal with International Air Travel in Japan



Whether you want to get into Japan or leave the country, you need to know more about the international air travel deal. Despite the size, everything is busy and hectic in Japan, especially in the big cities. If you don’t want to get lost in the middle of hustle and bustle, you may get your way through the overall setting.


Airports and Airlines

Most airports and airlines are offering direct flights to Japan as a part of their international air travel scheme. As one of the most improved and fast growing Asian countries, it is really not surprising if Japan is considered as a major international destination in the world. Japan has several international airports like Narita and Haneda in Tokyo, Kansai in Osaka, and Central Japan airport in Nagoya. The country has their own leading airlines – two of them – which is ANA (All Nippon Airways) and JAL (Japan Airlines). The biggest international airport in Japan is Fukuoka Airport that connects Fukuoka with other Asian important spots. Other airports have smaller Asian flights going to China and Korea.




Local and International Airlines

As it was mentioned before, ANA and JAL Groups are the biggest international airlines responsible for the transportation in Japan. Of course there are also smaller and local airlines that are serving popular destinations and routes.

  • JAL, consisting of JAL international as well as JAL domestic. They also have smaller airlines like Ryukyu Air Commuter, Japan Transocean Air, etc. they have more than 100 domestic routes and operate in more than 50 airports.
  • ANA, consisting of the main All Nippon Airways and smaller flight services like Air Nippon and others. just like JAL, it serves more than 100 domestic routes and operates in more than 50 airports.
  • Peach Aviation. It is a low cost carrier that was set up first in 2012. It operates mostly in Naha Airport in Okinawa and Kansai Airport in Osaka. If you use this one, be careful of possible hidden fee.
  • Skymark Airlines. It is one of the many discount flights services in Japan with the biggest and most extensive route. The price is quite affordable with main base in Tokyo.

There are still more other local flights services that you can use in Japan. Browse for their service.



Airfair Tips

Here are some handy tips about havin affordable airfare when having international air travel in Japan.

  • Avoid busy seasons like New Year, Christmas, summer holidays, and Golden Week. Summer holidays are generally taking place from June to July, while Golden Week is generally happening from the end ofh April to the first week of May.
  • It would be wise to check newspapers, travel agents, airline websites, or travel websites if you want to get special offers. Major airlines are generally offering special discounts or perks within their official websites.
  • You can also consider choosing low cost flight service like Jetstar or AirAsia. They are usually operating in many spots in Australia as well as Eastern Asia regions.
  • If you want to enjoy affordable international air travel while visiting Japan, it is better if you can think about using tour packages, which are generally cheaper.


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