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The Japan Classic Beauty of Yukata



Yukata is the casual version of kimono. The outfit is a basically a robe usually made from cotton or other synthetic fabric, which worn by wrapping around the body then fastened using a sash called obi. Yukata literally implies bathing cloth, and the outfit was originally on purpose to be just that. The garment is traditionally worn after bathing in a local communal bath, and it functioned as a fast way to cover the whole body while absorbing the remaining moisture. Below are some of the places where you can wear yukata and experience how the real Japanese live.


Onsen Towns

The yukata is fittingly often worn by the visitors and tourists of the onsen towns. For the most part, the garment is the usual dress code for guests at ryokans in the onsen towns. Visiting an onsen town would provides a more enjoyable experience if you’re strolling the streets wearing yukata with a pair of traditional Japanese wooden clogs called geta. This experience would allow you to reminist the scenes of Japan in the past centuries.

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Summer Festivals

For Japanese people, the yukata has recently also becomes a sort of way of dressing for the summer festivals. That is why more fashionable designs have increasingly surfaced to a certain degree that it is sometimes hard for the untrained eye to know the difference between a kimono and a yukata. Men’s yukata in general more subdued or in darker colors, as for young women, the outfit is commonly in bright and vibrant colors, oftentimes accompanied by lovely floral designs. For mature women the yukata tend to be less flashy and look more elegant and classic.



Getting the yukata experience by staying at a ryokan in an onsen town is definitely recommended. Most ryokans would provide yukata for their guests so that they can wear it during their stay in the ryokan as well as for walking down the streets. If you’re staying in Western style accommodations, ask the receptionist whether or not their place provide yukata, since some of the western hotels also provide yukata for their guests on their rooms. Even so, the yukata at most hotels are only intended as something to wear inside the hotel room and shouldn’t be worn outside of the hotel room.



If you really want to try wearing a yukata, Yukata are available for rent in some of tourist destinations. You can usually rent this outfit at numerous kimono rental shops available in most cities. There are plenty of these kinds of shops in Kyoto, near establishments where you would be able to explore the city while wearing a yukata for a more original Japanese experience.


You may purchase yukata as well. This kind of outfit can be found at the shops mentioned above, or at many department stores or city malls. Some of the tourist locations have less expensive versions of yukata that you can buy, which makes them the stereotypical Japanese souvenir. If you’re interested in buying a yukata, the price would ranges from one thousand yen to about twenty thousand yen.





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