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The Magic of Japanese Kitchen

If you are planning on staying in Japan for certain amount of time, then you should get use to the Japanese kitchen. In traditional Japanese homes, the kitchens and cooking commonly centered on the hearth and stove. Meals are cooked using pots over a kamado, which is a stove made from clay or earth. It functions just like a modern stove, with the exception that it’s heated using an open fire rather than electricity or gas.



Traditional Kitchen

In traditional Japanese homes, the irori or hearth was another significant place for eating, entertaining and cooking, which basically the image that oftentimes comes to people’s mind when they’re thinking about traditional Japanese homes. It usually consists of one square pit within the floor that is filled with ashes and earth. There’s a hook over the pit that is used to hang kettles and pots over the fire. Besides being used for cooking, the irori is also provided light and heat to the home.



Modern Kitchen

Conventional cooking methods in a traditional Japanese kitchen usually involves a lot of broiling, boiling, frying, steaming and grilling, while the modern Japanese kitchen is quite the same a western kitchen setting, it has developed in particular way which centers around the latest cooking techniques. Most homes will most have a refrigerator, a rice cooker, a microwave oven, and also a toaster oven. Some of Japanese homes have oven and dishwashers. The traditional Japanese kitchen centerpiece, which is the kamado, has now been replaced by gas stove that most of the times have an integrated to the broiler.


Modern style

Modern style


Modern Kitchen Appliances

In a modern Japanese kitchen, more common modern kitchen appliances are being used. Just like in western countries, a lot of the kitchen appliances being used in Japanese homes have been adapted the modern cooking methods as well as today’s eating habits. As an example, not until recently, it was uncommon for kitchen appliances to be built to the kitchen cabinets, therefore ovens and dishwashers have been available mostly as countertop models. Even so, newer homes oftentimes have something they called a “system kitchen” in which kitchen appliances like the stove, dishwasher, and broiler, are integrated into the kitchen cabinets.


Multi Purpose Appliances

With the country’s advance technology development, many leading companies in Japan created home and kitchen appliances that can serve the particular needs of Japan household. In big cities such as Tokyo, people rarely have a big lot home. With the limited space, many people try to save it by buying multipurpose appliances. For instance, even though baking is quite popular in Japan, most people rarely have an oven that is dedicated solely for the purpose. Instead, some company developed hybrid microwave ovens that have special modes for toasting and baking and also modes for heating sake, lunch box and rice.


Japanese Kitchen, Present Day.

Japanese Kitchen, Present Day.


There are similar basic needs for different kitchens in different parts of the world. But just like in other countries, kitchen in Japanese homes have certain functions and certain needs that is different from kitchen in other countries. Though these days the functions have shifted, in the old days a Japanese kitchen is basically the heart of the home for any Japanese families.

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