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Top Osaka Food Guide


Osaka’s people spend more time on cooking enjoying food, which is why Osaka food guide is a must for people travelling in Osaka. There’s even a popular saying in Osaka which indicated how Osaka peoples enjoys their food, which is “kuidaore” meaning “eat til you drop” in English. The most interesting part is that locals have great expectations regarding the quality of their meals, which requires restaurants to keep their standard high so that they can survive.


Affordable Popular Dishes

It is common knowledge that Osaka is well known for their varied local dishes, several of them have gain nationwide or even global recognition.This is a good news for budget traveler since a lot of these dishes are inexpensive.




  • Takoyaki

Takoyaki means grilled octopus. This dish is made of egg based batter and flourthen cooked with octopus slices fillings, green onion, and pickled ginger using a takoyaki pan that shaped the batter into small balls. Takoyaki other toppings and sauce such as green laver, dried bonito and mayonnaise then added to make this dish more desirable.

  • Okonomiyaki

Just like other popular dishes all across Japan, Okonomiyaki is a well known dish similar to pancake. Okonomiyaki ingredients including flour based batter with mixture of meat or sea food and shredded cabbage which then cooked on a pancake pan and serve with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, dried bonito and green laver.

  • Kushikatsu

The kushikatsu are deep fried battered food pieces on skewers. Vegetables and meat are the most common kushikatsu ingredients. Even so, some restaurants brought this dish to another level by using exotic ingredients such as strawberries or other uncommon kushikatsu ingredients. It is best that to enjoy kushikatsu in Shinsekai with nostalgic Osaka atmosphere.

  • Kitsune Udon

The kitsune udon is a thick wheat noodles dish served in hot broth with aburaage, which is a deep fried tofu piece. Japanese people believed that fox love fried tofu, that’s why they named the dish kitsune which means fox in Japanese.

  • Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki implies grilling on metal plate, which refer to the cooking in front of the customer on iron griddle. In teppanyaki restaurants, the chefs prepares and then serves the dish immediately as diners seated across the counter. What makes teppanyaki popular is the way the dish is serve. It is quite enjoyable to watch the chef maneuvering the ingredients skillfully.


Where to eat

In Osaka food guide, the most recommended spot to experience Osaka’s culinary culture is at Dotonbori district not far from Namba Station that is full of various dining places along its main streets. But if you wish to experience nostalgic atmosphere shogi parlors and kushikatsu shops at Shinsekai district is the best place to go. Just ten minute walk from Osaka Station you can find another main culinary district called Kitashinchi.





Ryokan and Hotels

Just like other major cities in Japan, Osaka also provide many types of accommodations for any budgets. Umeda district near the JR Osaka Station is one among the most convinient place as a base for city exploration. Other convinient areas to stay is the Namba district, which is known as the main nightlife area.


For tourists who want to move around with Shinkansen, the Shin Osaka Station could be the most convinient place to stay. Though it is not recommended in Osaka food guide, since the area is lack of dining.


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