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Try Gyoza, The Ramen’s Best Friend



Gyoza are dumplings packed with vegetables and ground meat and wrapped inside a slight of thin dough. This dish is also called the pot stickers, which is actually originally from China. The dish that are known as jiaozi in China, have become a fairly well known dish in Japan. Gyoza filling normally consists of ground pork, green onions, nira chives, ginger, cabbage, soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic, but some creative stores have come up with a wide variety of other fillings as well.


Different Types

  • Yaki Gyoza

Yaki gyoza or the pan fried gyoza are probably the most common type of gyoza. The dish is pan fried on a hot skillet before the blend of cornstarch and water is poured in then everything is covered for several minutes. The cornstarch and water blend helps to steam the dish, making them juicy and soft while creating a thin and crispy bottom on the gyoza. Yaki gyoza is usually served with its crispy bottom side up. Gyoza with wings is the term people used when the every gyoza pieces are connected by its thin crispy bottom.

  • Sui Gyoza

Boiled gyoza or also called Sui gyoza is often served with a very light broth. This dish is much less popular than the yaki gyoza and mostly found at specialized gyoza restaurants and also Chinese.



  • Age Gyoza

The crispy, deep fried gyoza or Age gyoza, are mostly found at gyoza specialty restaurants and Chinese restaurants. This dish is quite rare encountered elsewhere.


How to Enjoy

Gyoza are commonly sold at ramen shops all across Japan, the casual dining establishments called izakaya, Chinese restaurants, and also some of the gyoza specialty shops. A single serving of gyoza typically costs around 300 to 600 yen that consists of around half a dozen dumplings. Gyoza dish are normally eaten with the dipping sauce that made at the table from equal amounts of vinegar and soy sauce. Commonly, a small amount of chili oil or rayu is added.


Where to Find

Gyoza is for the most part well-liked in the cities of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture and Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture, which compete for the top gyoza consumption every year. The characteristic of gyoza in Hamamatsu is the bean sprouts addition on the top of the gyoza. Even so, both cities have almost equally large numbers of shops that specially serve gyoza, some of which are offering gyoza with smaller amount of conventional fillings like mushroom, shrimp, shiso leaf and also cheese.



There many Japanese dishes that are well liked by both the locals and foreign tourists. Gyoza is actually one of the most favorite dishes that both the locals and foreign tourists love. This particular dish is perfect for people who want to experience Japanese cuisine. Though this dish is not originated in Japan, yet it is already become the part of Japanese cuisine. One of Japanese dishes that many Japanese people love. So, if you’re happen to be visiting Japan you should not forget to try the Gyoza so that you could have the best travel experience in Japan.

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