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Try The Delicious Japanese Curry




Japanese curry or called kare in Japanese is a dish that is widely popular in Japan. This dish is commonly available at various restaurants, while many Japanese households cook it at home as well. The curry is most common served with rice, and you would hear the term kare raisu or curry rice mentioned often.


History of Curry

Curry is actually an Indian dish which becomes popular all across the world. After the European get they taste of curry they would then invented curry powder after importing the curry’s ingredients from India. This way, the layman would be able to cook curry without the need to master the intricacies of the curry spices. This type of curry was then introduced to Japan on the Meji Period, 1868 to 1912. The Japanese then adapted curry recipe and add different type of ingredients to suit their tastes. That is why curry is very well like by Japanese people.



Curry in Japan

The typical ingredients added in most Japanese curry dish include carrots, potatoes, meat and onions. The sauce itself is normally made of curry powder or roux that is a sort of a blend of Indian’s basic spices. The usual Japanese curry is tastes sweeter and thicker in texture yet less spicy than the Indian’s original curry. Pork or beef is the preferable choice of meat for Japanese curry, which makes it different from Indian curry that used mutton or chicken. It’s been observed that the most preferable meat for curry dish in eastern Japan is pork, as in in western Japan beef is more popular. A quite common variation for Japanese curry is the katsu kare, which is a dish of usual Japanese curry rice with a deep fried pork cutlet as addition put on top.


Curry’s Restaurants

Since curry is a very popular dish, there are many types of restaurants in Japan that are serving Japanese curry. These restaurants can be easily find all over Japan. But there are also many restaurants that are specialized in curry dish, which can be found around business districts and train stations business districts. Family restaurants, shokudo (multi dish Japanese restaurants) and also tourist cafeterias commonly have Japanese rice curry on their menus as well. Usually, Japanese rice curry is eaten using a large Western style spoon. It’s oftentimes also accompanied with some garnish of a sweet mix of pickles called fukujinzuke or pickled Japanese scallion called rakkyo.



Homemade Curry

The Japanese curry popularity spread to private Japanese homes. Retort packages and instant roux offer economical and convenient methods to prepare delicious curry dishes at home faster. As preparing rice curry using instant roux, meat and vegetables are the first ingredients cooked in water before solid chunks of instant roux are added into the broth. In contrary, the retort packages are already contain the meat and vegetables. So it’s basically pre-made curry stew dish. You just need to heat the whole package in for a few minutes in hot water, and then the Japanese curry dish would be ready to be served with rice on the side.


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