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Tsutenkaku – Tower Reaching Heaven

tsutenkaku tower osaka


Osaka is a great tourist destination. You can have amazing moments during your visit there. There is a famous landmark. It is the one and only Tsutenkaku. The name means tower reaching heaven. It is owned by Tsutenkaku Kanku Co. Ltd. This tower is very famous and has appeared in many movies. If you want to visit Tsutenkaku building, you are able to visit it in Shinsekai district of Naniwa-ku, Osaka. The height of the building is 103 m and the main observation deck is 91 m height. Definitely, there are many interesting activities you can do in Tsutenkaku. Let’s take a look.

inside tsutenkaku tower

inside tsutenkaku tower

view osaka city from tsutenkaku tower

view osaka city from tsutenkaku tower


Tsutenkaku was built in 1912 as the symbol of new world or Shin Sekai. Later, it was damaged because of fire and then reconstructed. The amazing building is also known as a tangible cultural property of Japan because of its historical background and also the attraction spots inside. There are many ways to reach Tsutenkaku.

You can reach the building from JR West, Osaka Loop Line, and Yamatoji Line in Shin-Imamiya Station via East Exit. Next, you can use Nankai railway, Nankai Main Line and Koya Line in Shin-Imamiya Station in East exit. It is possible to use Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line (brown line) and stop in Ebisucho Station. Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (red line) via Dobutsuen-mae Station is also a great option.

statue in tsutenkaku tower

statue in tsutenkaku tower


There are many activities you can do in Tsutenkaku. There are two options of entrance to the basement. The first entrance is Wakuwaku Land Entrance. The second entrance is Observation Platform Entrance. Both of them are cool and offer different atmospheres. It is for sure that you won’t find something like this in the other buildings. From the Wakuwaku entrance, do not miss the chance to visit the 2th floor. There is a corridor which is decorated similar with the inside of Hankai Tramway in the early 1900’s. The amazing corridor leads to two observation elevators to the 5th floor in Tsutenkaku.

Is all that? No way. There are more interesting activities you can do in Tsutenkaku. Besides sightseeing, it is also a must to look at the shops here. Yes, there are food manufacturer’s special shops in Tsutenkaku WakuWaku land. You can purchase Japanese popular snacks here. Do not forget to visit Tsutenkaku Theater in the basement.  You can watch various performances as rakugo – comic storytelling, manzai – comical conversation and enka singers.

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