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Unique Japanese Vending Machines

Japanese vending machines are popular because of their diversity as well as their uniqueness. There are approximately 5.5 million vending machines in the entire Japan, while the goods they sell are limitless, including beverages and items such as newspaper, sweets and bread, ice cream, paperback books, fruit, vegetables, even shrine charms. You can also find vending machines with very unique features such as helping the customers enjoying their time that they spent in front of the machine by talking to them.

Japanese vending machines


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Sophisticated Design and Features

The newly developed vending machines in Japan have sophisticated design and features. Through the advanced design of recent machines, the sensation of operating the touch display is actually as if you’re using a big smart phone. Goods in the vending machine which have been sold out then immediately removed from the line-up. In several cases, soon after purchasing a product, the machinery will show a slot machine that is allowing buyers pleased with campaigns where winners could obtain another drink free of charge, or will show data such as temperature in addition to weather data on the monitor, allowing them to become helpful for people who passing by.


Virtual Store Manager

These days, the vending machine developer introduces virtual store manager. There are possibly some individuals who think that although vending machines are very convenient, they’re still merely machines. There isn’t affection for the customers like if you purchase from a normal store. Therefore, some beverage producers in Japan have developed the virtual store manager service. The virtual store manager was firstly introduced in approximately 980000 coffee vending machines all over Japan just for a limited time last fall.


Live Footage of Machine’s Progress Inside

You can also find vending machines where you could get pleasure from authentic drip brewed coffee. These coffee vending machines serves coffee that is almost as good as coffee that actually has been brewed cautiously by a real coffee shop master. Though the coffee shop master shown from the vending machine is not real, customer can still feel its genuine. This is the machine works; after pushing the purchase button, coffee beans will start grinding followed by coffee that will be gradually drip brewed and served a cup at a time. This machine is developed by Japanese companies for the very first time in the world


Only in Japan you can find vending machines with such unique features such as life footage, virtual store manager, and more. It won’t be long before Japanese vending machines become trend setter of vending machines all over the world.

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