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Unique Manga Cafes and Their Concept

Manga cafes are other alternative for those wanting to spend a night in very comfortable setting while being able to read their favorite comics. If you are into Japanese comics (manga) so much, and you want to get nice access to the internet (just like the one you can get from internet café), while getting free shower and free drinks while spending the night, you certainly need to try these cafes. They are colorful, bright, and fun – and they are also very affordable.


manga cafe

manga cafe in downtown tokyo

The Concept

As it was mentioned before, Manga cafes offer very unique and nice blend-in concepts of establishment, internet café, and also manga library. From the Japanese words manga kissaten, it is often shorted into manga kissa. It is a well known low budget lodging options that are generally open 24 hours. You only need to spend as low as ¥1,500 a night. In some cafes, there are also women only sections so you shouldn’t be worried about it. these kinds of lodgings are quite popular around Japan, so you can easily find them in cities – small or big. They are generally found in street that is adjacent to train stations. Such establishments are also quite popular in Osaka and Tokyo. However, you need to understand Japanese reading and signs, as they are mostly written in Japanese words and very little has English signs. They are also generally located in the multi storey building on the higher floor, not on the street level.


manga kissa

manga kissa

Pricing Factors

If you want to stay here, understand the concept that it is charged by time. The lowest one starts around ¥100 to ¥300 for as long as 30 minutes. Your charge will add up ¥100 for more 15 minutes being spent. If you want to stay a bit longer, longer plans are definitely available and offered, starting from around ¥700 to ¥1000 for three hours staying. For even longer stay, you need to pay ¥1,500 to ¥2,000 for eight hours, and after that the additional charge will be added up according to the regular rate. During weekends, prices are a bit higher.


Provided Spaces

You can also choose between the regular seating types provided in these manga cafes. If you choose the open seat, you will get the typical seating arrangement like the one you see in offices with computer desks. If you choose for private booth, you can get a partitioned cubicle with flatbed chair, reclining chair, office chair, or futon. It is generally enough for one person only. However, if you want a cubicle for two or for families, you can find one in some manga kissa, of course you will have to pay extra.


manga cafe room


How to Use One

Simply go to the building and take the elevator upstairs. Most manga kissa requires membership, so you can sign up for one – which can cost you ¥100 or ¥200. You will also provide photo ID like passport. You can then choose the type of seat you want and how long you will be staying. Once it is okay, you can go to your seat. When it is about time to leave the manga cafes, go to the counter and pay.

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