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When to Travel to Japan

Knowing when to travel is important no matter your travel destination might be. Traveling to Japan could be satisfying at whatever time of the year. Because of the country’s great north-south expansion, climate patterns vary drastically between regions. Here is an introduction of all month of the year in terms of best timing to travel in Japan.

when travel to japan


January to April

January is a great time for touring Japan, since the weather conditions is commonly dry and sunny while the sightseeing places are not crowded. In Japan and also along the Japan coast’s sea there is a lot of snowfall, which actually great conditions for winter sports. Just like January, February is also a perfect time for visiting. February at the climax of winter tends to be the greatest time for winter sports in addition to viewing winter sceneries. Initial flowering vegetation and plants, just like plum trees; bring the earliest signs of spring, as the climate is getting rather mild. Near the end of March in certain regions cherry blossom season starts, as in northern Japan environment are still excellent for winter sports activities.  In addition to November, April is oftentimes known as the recommended time to visit Japan due to the fact that the cherry are in full bloom in the many areas of the country furthermore the climate is pleasantly moderate.


May to August

May is considered as the golden week, one among the busiest Japan’s travel seasons, which occurs in the end of April up to the beginning of May. This could be the cause of numerous travel associated issues. Even so, the rest of May is one among the best period for visiting Japan, since the flora has become flourishing, the temps are quite comfortable while tourists locations tend to be nicely not crowded. So, if you ask people when to travel to Japan, the most common answer is probably from to the end of May. Start from the beginning of June, rainy season visits the majority areas of Japan except for Hokkaido. Hokkaido is actually a pleasing vacation spot in June seeing that it is slightest affected by rainy season. August is humid and hot in most of Japan. Yet travel activity is soaring throughout the entire month because of summer school holiday seasons.


September to December

Typhoon season approaches its climax in August and September. Fortunately, typhoons are frequently followed by flawlessly clear weather conditions. The weather in September may still be fairly humid and hot, yet the crowds of August have generally gone. October is one among the most enjoyable months for tourists to travel in Japan since the climate stays warm, yet is not hot and humid any longer. November is among the greatest period to visit Japan, because the climate is reasonably dry and mild, along with the autumn colors are incredible in numerous areas of Japan. December is a great month for traveling due to normally dry climate conditions. The drawbacks of a vacation in winter are probably the comparatively short days in addition to the infertile condition of the vegetation.


Travelling to Japan at any seasons or any months has their own plus sides and downsides. Therefore, when to travel to Japan is entirely up to your personal preferences.

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