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When to Visit Japan? A Guide



If you desire to travel to Japan on cheap, then you have to make sure when to visit Japan and how. Figuring the right time and method on traveling to Japan is recommended because you can save a lot of travel expenses. Many travelers think that Japan is a very expensive travel destination and for many people even seems out of reach. But these days, the new Japanese government’s economic policies that is beneficial for travelers, especially for budget travelers. The key is deciding when the right time is and the right method. The methods includes avoiding Japanese traveler’s peak season to save money on accommodation, using free guiding services to save money on paying tour guides, and also taking local transit to save money for few more trips.


Traveling Off Peak

When you’re figuring the right time and method on traveling to Japan, the first aspect you need to keep in mind is to travel during off season. You must avoid Japanese traveler’s peak season. This way, you will be able to save money on accommodation. Autumn foliage times and Cherry times, which is usually around April to November are the peak season of Japanese travelers. That means peak hotel rates. You can save a bundle if you’re traveling during off-season, which is late autumn through March, not including the New Year’s holiday season.





Free Travel Guides

If you would like to travel on cheap, you need to also use free guiding services. Joining free tours is highly suggested for people who desire to save money on paying tour guides. In Nara, Tokyo or other cities, there are volunteer guides that provide free tours. They are usually friendly locals who are trying to make new friends while practicing their English, normally you will need to pay only for the admission fees to sights and also transport for both you and the guides.


Nara Walking Tour

Nara Walking Tour


Take Local Transit

In addition to joining free tours, you might want to take local transit as well. Taking local transit for your trips also allow you to save money for few more trips. Japanese cities are mostly can be easily navigable by tram or rail, at fares cheaper than other countries. For instance, The Tokyo subway starts at $1.71 per trip, while New York subway’s fares starts at $2.50. If you are planning on taking more than a couple of trips, using day passes could also save you money. Consequently, if you desire to travel on cheap, be sure that you understand when to visit Japan and what is the best method.

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