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Why You Should Visit Tokyo Imperial Palace

If you travelling to Japan, visiting Tokyo Imperial Palace is a must, the palace is basically the major attractions that many visitors, both locals or internationals. Tours of the palace grounds with guides are offered throughout the years, but the inner palace grounds is off limit, because until today, the Imperial Palace is still functioning as the Japan’s Imperial family residence.  So visitors are not allowed to enter any building. Only on January 2nd, on new years greeting event and also on December 23th, on the Emperor’s birthday that visitor get to enter the inner grounds and see the Imperial family’s members for a brief moment.


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The Imperial Palace is located on the same site of the former Edo Castle, which is a large park area surrounded by massive stone wall and moats. The palace is located in the center of Tokyo, only a short walk from the Tokyo Station. If you’re planning on visiting the palace, it is suggested that you find a nearby accommodation. The Tokyo Station area is actually a really convenient place to stay. You can easily explore the whole city from the station. The Tokyo Station also has easy access from and to the airport or other cities.


Edo Castle or now known as Imperial Palace, was the home of Tokugawa Shogun ruler of Japan from 1603 til 1867. In 1868, after the shogunate was overthrown, they moved the Imperial residence, which also the country’s capital from Kyoto Tokyo. In 1888, the new Imperial Palace construction was completed. During the World War 2, the palace was destroyed and then rebuild in the same style. From the large plaza in the front of Imperial Palace, visitor will be able to view the two bridges that form an entrance into the inner palace grounds. Due to its appearance, the stone bridges called Eyeglass Bridge or Meganebashi. The bridge in the back is named Nijubashi or Double Bridge. This bridge used to be a 2 level wooden bridge.

Edo Castle

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The guided tours are held in Japanese, with English audio guide. The tours need to be reserved prior through the Imperial Household Agency. Though the inner palace grounds are not open for public, the Imperial Palace East Gardens in the other hand are open to visitors throughout the years, except on special occasions, also on Mondays and Fridays. You can get more information from the East Garden website page. So, if you’re planning on visiting Japan, especially Tokyo, you should definitely check out the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

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